FatPipe Networks can further enhance your Wide Area Network with its optimization products, FatPipe Quality of Service (QoS) and FatPipe Kompressor. Each are sold separately as networking devices or can be enabled from FatPipe router-clustering products that support one or both products.

FatPipe QoS optimizes the efficiency of networks by providing tools that control congestion and prioritize data flow up to ten levels. FatPipe QoS provides granular control over how IP traffic transmits across your network, helping to control WAN costs. One can reduce bandwidth requirements and bottlenecking issues by allocating bandwidth to specific business applications and control recreational traffic via FatPipe QoS.

FatPipe Kompressor increases network capacity up to three times by compressing packet payload and eliminating redundant data traffic over a WAN. (A full T1/1.5 mbps = 4.5 mbps or more with Kompressor). Kompressor significantly increases a network's throughput without having to upgrade data line connections (e.g.: from DSL to a T1), bringing significant cost savings to the customer immediately.

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