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Fatpipe Networks™ Announces the Release of WARP 3.0, Providing the Highest Level of Fault Tolerance for WAN Infrastructures in the Market

FatPipe's WARP 3.0 Highlights a New Load Balancing Feature and Several Enhancements to its Reverse Mapping and Policy Routing Technologies

Jan 15, 2003

FatPipe Networks, the inventor of router clustering devices for reliable, redundant and fast Internet/WAN connections, announced today the release of WARP version 3.0. WARP 3.0 is designed to meet the needs of a growing market that requires high levels of WAN connectivity for business continuity.

WARP's new load balancing feature and enhanced technology make it easier for companies to obtain high levels of redundancy, connectivity and speed of WAN connections. Enhancements to WARP's Reverse Mapping and Policy Routing technologies have resulted in improved methods for better control of bi-directional IP traffic.

WARP bonds any combination of multiple connections of T3, E3, T1, E1, DSL, Cable or Wireless connections to create a virtual "fatpipe." WARP achieves WAN fault tolerance by utilizing connections from multiple ISPs and/or backbones for true redundancy, without BGP programming or additional proprietary equipment needed at CPE or ISP site. WARP is available in two speeds: 155 Mbps, and 50Mbps.

"We have added enhancements and new features to our product, WARP, to meet the challenges expressed by our customers whose increasing dependency on WAN infrastructures have resulted in the need for more sophisticated yet easy to use router-clustering technologies," said Chief Technology Officer, Sanchaita Datta. "The new feature set, combined with WARP's core technologies, provide a cost effective solution to the common interruptions of Internet services resulting in WAN downtime. WARP affords better tools to control and balance IP traffic over their networks."

New Feature Set

New Load Balancing Method: A fourth load-balancing method has been added to the current set of available load-balancing options in WARP 3.0. The new method, Fastest Route, determines the fastest path to any given destination by communicating first with the destination site.

Fault Tolerance For Remote WAN Users: WARP 3.0 also features an enhanced Reverse Mapping technology that provides redundancy for remote clients using IPSec and PPTP, insuring connectivity for remote users even when a WAN line failure occurs on the main network.

More Control Over Outbound Traffic Flow: WARP 3.0's improved Policy Routing option allows users to direct outbound traffic based on port, IP address, or a combination of the two. Ports can be re-ordered in Interface Priority and NAT can be enabled or disabled per port in both Interface Priority and Interface Specific settings.

Fully Supports SNMP MIB-II: WARP 3.0 fully supports SNMP MIB-II in addition to sending out SNMP traps, as well as PTR records.

About FatPipe Networks

FatPipe Networks based in Salt Lake City, Utah, FatPipe Networks is the inventor of leading-edge router-clustering technology that provides highly redundant, reliable and high-speed Internet access for mission critical applications. FatPipe products enable companies to obtain low cost, highly redundant and fast Internet/WAN access, allowing such corporations to implement Intranets, Thin Clients, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and other web-based applications.

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