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FatPipe Networks' WARP and MPVPN New v3.0 Features Support Citrix Business Solutions

March 19, 2003

FatPipe Networks™, the inventor of router clustering devices for reliable, redundant and fast Internet/WAN connections, today announced its WARP and MPVPN® products feature technology that support Citrix® business solutions for high levels of Wide Area Network redundancy, availability, and manageability. FatPipe products enable Citrix users to achieve total fault tolerance, increased speed, and additional security of data transmission over WANs, strengthening Citrix business solutions platforms in four main areas: remote office connectivity, workforce mobility, application deployment solutions, and business continuity.

FatPipe products provide high levels of redundancy, reliability and speed for Internet/IP access by bonding connections seamlessly over multiple ISPs and backbones, including any combination of T3, T1, E1, E3, DSL, ISDN, cable, and wireless connections. FatPipe's WARP and MPVPN® products were successfully tested for compatibility with Citrix MetaFrame® platforms.

New features of v3.0 include enhanced technology that provides redundancy and high availability for remote VPN clients; a new load balancing method for data transmission; additional load-balancing options for Internet traffic as well as enhanced route control tools to give Administrators greater control over IP traffic delivery, defining routing criteria based on application and/or provider.

FatPipe Networks has been a Premier member of the Citrix Business Alliance® (CBA) since October 2000. FatPipe forged the alliance with Citrix because of its unique ability to enhance the reliability, speed and security of WANs specifically for customers who have implemented the server-based computing model.

"The combination of FatPipe's router clustering products with Citrix server-based computing technology results in unparalleled manageability and scalability for customers' WAN infrastructures," said Ragula Bhaskar, Ph.D., President and CEO of FatPipe Networks.

FatPipe products use patented and patent-pending technologies that are technology, router, provider and application independent for seamless and easy integration. FatPipe's patented Redundant Array of Independent Lines (RAIL®) and patent pending SmartDNS technologies are featured in WARP and MPVPN products, for up to three times the redundancy of bi-directional IP traffic over a private or public wide area network. MPVPN boasts an additional security feature, MPSec™, which provides up to nine times more security of data transmission for Virtual Private Networks.

About FatPipe Networks

FatPipe is the inventor and patents holder of router clustering products which enable companies to obtain highly redundant and fast Internet/WAN access, as well as high security allowing such corporations to implement Intranets, thin client, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and other mission critical web based applications. FatPipe coined the term Router Clustering.

FatPipe products' main technology features include multi-homing two or more communication lines of any type, using the same or different ISPs, WAN redundancy and high availability; additional security and speed of data transmissions, and route control features for inbound and outbound IP traffic.

About the Citrix Business Alliance

The Citrix Business Alliance (CBA) is a growing coalition of industry-leading companies from across the technology spectrum that are working with Citrix solutions to broaden the scope and effectiveness of server-based enterprise computing solutions. The program provides members with access to Citrix products for compatibility testing with Citrix MetaFrame application server software, new business opportunities with other Citrix solution providers, access to joint marketing programs and enhanced technical support.

Citrix®, MetaFrame® and Citrix Business Allianceä are registered trademarks or a trademark of Citrix Systems, Inc. FatPipe Networks™, MPVPN®, MPFR™, and MPSec™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Ragula Development Company, DBA FatPipe Networks. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. FatPipe WARP and all other FatPipe products are protected by patents and have multiple patents pending.

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