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FatPipe Networks' CEO is Appointed by Governor Jon Huntsman to the Gubernatorial Transition Team as Co-Chairman of the Review Committee of Utah State Boards and Commissions

Ragula Bhaskar, Ph.D., helps lead the Review Committee of Utah's Boards and Commissions

Nov 29, 2004

FatPipe Networks™, the inventor of router clustering devices for reliable, redundant and fast Internet/Wide Area Network (WANs) connections, announced today that it's Founder, President and CEO, Ragula Bhaskar, Ph.D., has been appointed as the co-Chairman of the Review Committee of Utah States Boards and Commissions for the Huntsman Gubernatorial Transition Team. Dr. Bhaskar's main responsibilities will include evaluating the value, relevance and contribution of the States 400 boards and commissions in the State. He will focus on each groups' talent base, budgets and history, documenting his findings in a final report.

"It is an honor to be asked by Governor Huntsman to participate in government processes in this manner, allowing me to give back to my community in a meaningful way while still maintaining and growing FatPipe Networks," said Dr. Bhaskar.

Governor-Elect Huntsman is creating a group of business leaders, academia and government officials to form a focused transition team, unbridled by political affiliations.

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