FatPipe Central Manager

FatPipe Central Manager is a secure web based solution providing a centralized solution to manage FatPipe's suite of WAN reliability and optimization products. Central Manager allows you to configure, manage and monitor FatPipe's patented MPSec technology at the click of a button.

FatPipe Unit Failover

Features and Benefits

  • Manage all FatPipe MPVPN Devices from a central Location without the hassle of logging into each device individually. This makes it simple for an administrator to view and manage several devices from a central location with a single application.
  • Enable or disable an MPSec tunnel between two MPVPNs by just clicking on the MPVPN Grid of a group. Central Manager communicates with the FatPipe Devices to ensure the tunnel is created.
  • The MPVPN Grid provides a view of the entire MPVPN Tunnel Network Infrastructure and the current status for a group.
  • With 3 different User Privileges (User, Admin and CMAdmin), administrators can control how users use Central Manager to manage the devices.
  • Central Manager allows all FatPipe devices to be organized into different groups for easy management. The status of the individual devices or a group can be easily monitored.
  • An administrator can enter WAN IPs and VPN Information for all the devices without having to login to each separate unit.
  • An administrator can also login to an individual device at any location directly from Central Manager. By just Clicking on the "Local Configuration" button, users can login to the FatPipe device without having to re-enter login information.
  • Central Manager can manage different versions of MPVPN.
  • An Intuitive Help Screen provides information on all features of Central Manager.