Quality of Service (QoS)

FatPipe Quality of Service (QoS) is a FatPipe Feature add on that can help you optimize the efficiency of your network by providing total control of congestion and prioritize data flow up to ten levels.

FatPipe QoS gives you granular control over how IP traffic transmits across your network, and as a result, it helps you control WAN costs. You can reduce bandwidth requirements and bottlenecking issues when you allocate bandwidth to specific business applications and control recreational traffic via FatPipe QoS.

Additionally, FatPipe QoS is combined with link load balancing, which ensures that rules are applied to additional or secondary lines when a failure occurs to your primary WAN line, providing redundancy for your WAN infrastructure data transmissions.

Quality of Service

Important traffic passing through the box is categorized into its correct bandwidth, and quality metric. Traffic going to the Internet is sent in contract so that applications like VOIP, video, and other mission critical applications work properly without over-provisioning bandwidth.

Multi Line Qos
  • Ten levels of traffic priorities - Gives granular control over application and associated bandwidth. Applications can be classified up to ten levels of priorities. The remaining traffic will be best efforts.
  • Optimizes real time and standard traffic controls all traffic regardless of application.
  • Always guarantees the minimum quality and bandwidth you require. - Guarantees performance of applications like CRM and thin client by optimizing response times.
  • Combined with link load balancing allows the QoS Rules to be implemented across the multiple links adding reliability to the WAN and efficiency use the links.
  • FatPipe's QoS scales the quality rules to available lines in case of a line failure - Adds redundancy to the WAN infrastructure while maintaining performance for critical applications.
  • Controls WAN costs by reducing bandwidth requirements - Allocates bandwidth to business applications and control recreational traffic.
  • Easy Installation - Up and running very quickly with very little configuration required.
  • Guarantees prioritization of real-time voice/video traffic - VoIP and video traffic will always get higher priority than other types of traffic to ensure quality.
  • Guarantees pre-allocated bandwidth for mission Critical data - Customers can allocate fixed amount of bandwidth for different types of traffic - 25% Video, 15% VoIP, 20% database, etc.
  • Prevents "over provisioning of network" by solving QoS problems on the customer side - bandwidth allocation adding to 100% allows efficient utilization of WAN.
  • Maximizes utilization of network link - Provides policies for per application and per user. Provides fairness between users and prevents one application or user from congesting a link.
  • Throttles traffic to prevent congestion - Improves bandwidth utilization by controlling recreational and malicious traffic.
  • Enhances quality of VPN traffic - Gives higher priority to point-to-point traffic than internet traffic to improve inter-office communication.
  • Monitors the SLA with your ISP to ensure quality service - Provides latency and bandwidth utilization reports allow for better monitoring of line.