VPN – Account Management

As an enhancement to the VPN add-on, this feature provides remote VPN access using any standard VPN client. This allows mobile users to access company resources remotely through a secure IPSec tunnel. A mobile user could be someone working from home, a hotel, an airport - any place with an Internet connection.

VPN Access
VPN Configuration
  • The customer can create remote VPN tunnels, which allows mobile users to securely access their corporate network from any location.
  • The following VPN clients have been tested
  • Currently supported clients are:
      1. Greenbow VPN Client
      2. Windows XP VPN Client
      3. Windows Vista (Business & Enterprise) VPN Client
      4. Windows 2000 pro VPN client
      5. Shrew Soft VPN Client
  • FatPipe can provide automatic failover of VPN clients if the remote end (mobile user) can be specified using a host name (rather than IP address). FatPipe will automatically failover by configuring SmartDNS for two or more WAN interfaces being used for VPN connection.

Account Management Tips

  • Ensure unit gets properly installed.
  • Regular customer follow-ups
      1. Pulse check, FatPipe updates
      2. Changes at customer end
      3. Additional opportunities, referrals & case-studies
  • Follow-up after Support Issue is closed.
  • Support Renewals on old Units

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