Cloud Connect

Optimized WAN with centralized control of remote office internet access

FatPipe Cloud Connect provides reliable access to Cloud Services and provides centralized control of branch offices' web traffic. Cloud Connect allows companies with hub-and-spoke WAN infrastructures to free up private bandwidth usage while maintaining centralized control of web traffic by utilizing local lines at remote locations.

Cloud Connect
  • Step 1- End user in branch office opens a browser to go to a website
  • Step 2 - The request is sent over the private line to the Internet Access Control Server (IACS) at Headquarters or Cloud
  • Step 3 - Cloud Connect receives the reply from IACS and allows site access to the user. If access is denied then "access denied message" is sent to the user instead of the web page in step 6
  • Step 4 - The website page request is sent to the web server through the local Internet line
  • Step 5 - The web page is received by Cloud Connect and forwarded on to the end user
  • Step 6 - The end user views the Web page
Cloud Connect

FatPipe Cloud Connect allows for the private line to fail over to the public Internet connection allowing interoffice communication to always be available and secure.

Cloud connect enables corporations to deploy a single web access control device at a centralized location to manage corporate-wide web access policies, while avoiding link bottlenecking issues or prohibitive costs associated with increasing bandwidth to meet end-user demand.

Cloud Connect redirects web requests from remote locations and sends them to the central location for web-access authorization. If accepted and allowed, all further traffic related to that web request is handled by local Internet lines at each remote site instead of congesting expensive and low-speed private lines.

In addition to FatPipe web redirect technology, this comprehensive product also features the highest level of inbound and outbound WAN redundancy, aggregate speed of data line connections; QoS and compression capability, and basic firewall and VPN utilities. Cloud Connect provides all the tools you need to have centralized control of web traffic originating from branch offices while achieving the highest level of redundancy and reliability of your WAN infrastructure.

SD-N and SD-WAN Come Together to Offer Agile Cloud Services

The external challenge for locations over the WAN is to find an enterprise-class way to leverage the flexibility of DSL and 4G/LTE broadband technologies as a cost-effective supplement or alternative to traditional premium-priced Carrier-grade MPLS wide-area networks. The balance is to maintain the premium service provider features—like optimization, encapsulation, encryption, and the QoS required to support mission-critical applications—while not further over-taxing their already-stretched resources.

More Details...

  • FatPipe Web Redirect- Web requests from remote locations will first obtain authorization from the IACS server at the main location and if allowed, all further traffic related to that web request will be handled on local internet lines
  • Cloud Connect works with any combination of private and public lines. Any changes to network architecture vis-á-vis line types would have minimal impact on Cloud Connect's ability to provide the same benefits to customers
  • Basic Firewall- Allows administrators to block any inbound and outbound traffic
  • Ability to work with 2-16 WAN connections at any location including wireless and local cable without BGP programming. No ISP cooperation is required
  • Failover across a public Internet connection and a private link from a hub location to 2000 other locations that will also have a public and private link
  • Stateful Failover- In the event of unit failure, all existing sessions are taken over by the standby box and there is no need to re-establish sessions, resulting in zero session loss
  • An automatic unit failover option is available to customers that want a standby unit to backup the active SYMPHONY unit at the CPE
  • MPSec- FatPipe's patented Multi-Path Security provides up to nine times more security, making it virtually impossible to trap data flow and organize information in correct sequence
  • Fault Tolerance for Remote VPN Users- FatPipe Cloud Connect uses an enhanced feature that provides redundancy for remote VPN clients using IPSec and PPTP, ensuring connectivity even when a WAN line fails
  • SmartDNS- FatPipe's patent-pending technology intelligently balances and fails-over IP load across all available lines for inbound IP traffic resulting in efficient delivery of information and inbound redundancy
  • Reverse Mapping- Allows companies to conserve IP addresses and direct application traffic to specific servers
  • Proxy ARP- No need to reset gateway IP address for client computers in a LAN, saving time and money
  • Enhanced Route Control Tools- Cloud Connect's improved routing options give Administrators greater control over IP traffic delivery, allowing them to define routing criteria based on application and provider
  • Compression - Traffic between locations can be compressed. The branch locations can use a 4U device with hardware compression or a 1U device with software compression
  • VPN - IPSec encryption can handle up to 2000 VPN sessions to the main location