Reseller Comments

Dealing with Fatpipe as been to say the least, "a pleasurable experience". All the way from the the quick turnarounds for products, sales and technical staff. I wanted to make a point that all of this was possible because of the great staff your company has organized itself with i.e.. Martin DeLannoy, Jeff Berman, Dan, Jerrod etc. The superior professionalism, dedication, responsiveness and understanding your staff comes with is priceless and reflects upon the greatness that you company holds not only in product, but in customer services, sales and technical support. Working with each one of these employees of Fatpipe has made a big difference in how our company focuses on selling Fatpipe and further relationships pertaining to our successful year going forward together. In short, just wanted to say thanks, and I am sure that we will have a successful year the way your staff has treated our business and my clients. Simply put in one word, "OUTSTANDING".
- Richard Elswick, Sr. Network Engineer

We are excited to sell FatPipe XTREME because of the benefits it provides to our customers. Most of our customers are dependent on their WAN and Internet connections for critical interaction with clients and colleagues. FatPipe XTREME ensures that our customers' connections will be "up" at all times despite intermittent failures of lines, routers, ISPs, or backbones. That is something our customers need. When we can provide a unique solution for their needs they are satisfied, and that leads to great relationships and new referrals. We look forward to selling and supporting this innovative product.
- Asher Dahan, CEO and Systems Engineer

We're not just a reseller of FatPipe XTREME, we're also a client! We use XTREME in our shop for redundancy and speed of our Internet connection. We think one of FatPipe XTREME's coolest features is the ability to combine the speed of inexpensive lines, which helps our customers save money.
- Tye Owens, Senior Vice President of Engineering

About two months ago my client Data Fusion Technologies asked me to research load balancing and redundancy using two T1 lines provided by two different ISPs. My engineers and myself had a very difficult time finding a solution until we came across Fatpipe Networks. I contacted Ben Ginster and explained to him exactly what Data Fusion was trying to achieve. Ben helped me come up with the perfect solution. After analyzing their needs Ben recommended the Fatpipe Xtreme product. Ben assisted me during the entire process from beginning to end. Ben had the Fatpipe Xtreme shipped to my client's site one day after I placed the order. Spencer Cooper assisted my engineers with the installation of the Fatpipe Xtreme and everything went perfect with the install. So, to make a long story short Data Fusion Technologies finally has load balancing and redundancy for their Las Cruces office. Everyone at Data Fusion couldn't be happier with the solution. In fact, they are so happy with their Fatpipe Xtreme they actually asked me if I could get them 12 more t-shirts. I want to thank Ben and Spencer for the incredible support throughout the entire process and I hope to do business with Fatpipe Networks for many years to come.
- Bryan De Rosa, Account Manager, Amherst Technologies, LLC

In an over populated and cramped market place, we welcome selling a niche product like FatPipe XTREME. Its unique positioning in the market gives us a distinct selling advantage. The fact is, it is the only product of its kind that provides unquestionable reliability, redundancy, and speed for WAN/Internet connections for businesses. Selling it gives us the opportunity to give a real solution to our customers who have become more dependent on web based applications to conduct business.
- T. Kimball, Director National Sales, Technology

We look for products that provide a complete solution for our customers, and XTREME is one of those products. What differentiates XTREME from anything like it is that it is easy to install, with no further programming, and it is flexible, as you can aggregate any combination of T1s, DSL, and/or ISDN lines. We think these features are very attractive and cost effective for our customers.
- Fred Trovato, Senior Vice President