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This is your one stop shop to obtain all kinds of information about FatPipe and about FatPipe's leading-edge router clustering products. Once you have logged in, you will be given access to general product descriptions, FAQs, manuals, marketing materials, and more. Please log in to get started.

  • Free sales leads in your market area.
  • Free sales / marketing tools and spiff programs
  • Co-op marketing opportunities for Silver and Gold resellers.
  • Immediate "Toll-Free" engineering and sales support
  • Free sales and technical training
  • Opportunity to submit success stories for publication and inclusion in our web pages.
  • Joint sales calls with our sales representatives in your area
  • 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

Approved VAR

You are automatically approved as a VAR with your first purchase. Just complete our online application and submit it! If your online submittal is approved, you'll receive an agreement. Once the agreement has been signed and faxed back, you'll receive your FatPipe sales and Marketing Kit. Your name will also be added to the FatPipe Strategic Partnership and you will start receiving sales leads. If you have any questions, contact FatPipe Sales