FatPipe Networks has a suite of standard and add-on features that help you secure data transmission over Wide Area Networks. Standard features include Policy Routing tools that give you the ability to allow or deny traffic using policy rules, and FatPipe MultiPath Security (MPSec), which provides an additional layer of security over IPSec. Feature add-ons include an IPSec utility called FatPipe VPN and FatPipe VPN Site Failover, a feature that allows you to failover VPN traffic from one site to a Disaster Recovery site. FatPipe also makes available FatPipe SpamPolice, a device that filters out spam and email viruses.

FatPipe Policy Routing tools for inbound and outbound traffic allow you, among other things, to allow or deny traffic based on rules that you create. This feature is available on all FatPipe router clustering products.

FatPipe's MPSec, a patented security feature, transmits data in several permutations and combinations between offices utilizing multiple lines in a network, which makes it harder to sequentially trap data flow and decrypt the information in the correct order. The result is increased security of data transmission of sensitive information. FatPipe MPSec is a standard feature of MPVPN, IPVPN, and Symphony.

FatPipe VPN, an IPSec add-on feature, provides security using 3DES or AES to encrypt your data transmission. It can create IPSec tunnels between sites and between a main site and "road warriors." (All FatPipe products are also compatible with other encryption devices using 3DES or AES). FatPipe VPN is available as an add-on feature to WARP, MPVPN and Symphony products.

VPN Site Failover enables failover of VPN traffic between branch office(s), main office and disaster recovery sites, utilizing all lines available at each site. The servers can be located in geographically separate locations and have identical or similar information in both main office and in disaster recovery site. This feature is mainly for companies with disaster recovery sites. (Note that it requires that the customer must already have the FatPipe VPN client). This feature is available as an add-on feature to MPVPN.

FatPipe SpamPolice is an anti-spam and anti-virus device that sorts through emails before it hits your email server. It uses up to 20 analyzers to identify spam and viruses, eliminating the viruses and guaranteeing the spam, only passing "good" email to your Inbox. One can view all quarantined spam, and can define spam parameters per user. SpamPolice is sold as a separate unit from FatPipe router clustering devices.

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