WAN Load Balancing & WAN Optimization Solutions

MPVPN's WAN Optimization for ERP Services

FatPipe MPVPN's WAN Optimization for mission critical ERP Services

FatPipe Networks' WAN Acceleration technology provides highest level of WAN acceleration and optimization. FatPipe's WAN Acceleration, can significantly boost your Wide Area Network performance. FatPipe WAN Acceleration appreciably increases WAN utilization, providing effective use of WAN bandwidth by caching/compressing that sharply reduces redundant data on a WAN.

wan optimization

FatPipe's WAN Optimization when combined with Site Load Balancing, built on FatPipe's patented SmartDNS technology, provides resiliency and continuity for your business. It can distribute traffic between two sites, utilizing all lines available at each site and optimize traffic also.

Through FatPipe's proven MPSEC technology you can have high availability tunnels to the DR location from branch offices that reduce you expenditure on dedicated lease line.

Unlike traditional master/backup solutions, FatPipe Site Load Balancing utilizes both sites' bandwidth and other resources. Site Load Balancing gives you more availability of your other services.

FatPipe can accelerate and optimize traffic across multiple WANs. Not only can you optimize your WAN traffic, you can achieve the highest level of WAN redundancy and reliability. FatPipe's WAN caching works at the file as well as the byte level. Smaller granularity results in greater levels of detected redundancies, more reduplication and less retransmission, giving you the highest level of WAN optimization available.