Outsource management of your multipath wide area network through FatPipe's network of managed service providers.

FatPipe technology easily overlays an existing network with multipath reliability. FatPipe WAN-as-a-Service, Can rapidly bring up a remote site without having to wait for an extensive network build out. Purchasing FatPipe WAN-as-a-Service through one of our network partners will allow your network to use FatPipe multipath redundancy, reliability, and optimization as a simple recurring monthly operational expense.

Benefits include:

  • Increased network performance, reliability, visibility and security
  • Decreased overall cost of network
  • Significant reduction in time to deploy new sites, services, or bandwidth
  • "Over the Top" service to enhance existing network
  • Bring your own bandwidth (BYOB) increases flexibility of access
  • Any access type
    • (Fiber, Copper, or Wireless)
  • Leverage multiple ISPs
  • Central policy management
  • Elastic bandwidth for seasonal sites
  • Scalable monthly bill
  • Low monthly maintenance