Router Clustering

Router-clustering technology

FatPipe Networks' multi-patented router-clustering technology supports Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructures by providing the highest levels of redundancy, reliability, speed, dynamic load balancing and additional security of IP traffic over any type of WAN.

FatPipe router-clustering devices combine any combination of DS3, T1, E3, E1, DSL, OCN, ISDN, wireless, and/or cable lines. FatPipe offers four different load balancing algorithms for customers to choose from to get the maximum benefit and utilization of all the lines. Customers have the flexibility to work with any type of WAN, creating a system that load balances among multiple managed or CPE VPNs, while still being compatible with Internet based VPNs. Companies can support their private and public wide area networks, even combining multiple private and public networks together without BGP or any equipment at the provider end.

Customers can even combine private and public lines, providing FatPipe gives customers the confidence and peace of mind that data lines will remain up at all times and regardless of the router, ISP, line, or backbone failures.