Unified Threat Management (UTM)

WAN redundancy & Internet Load Balancing

FatPipe provides a network security and Internet/WAN redundancy solution through Super UTM (Unified Threat Management) product. FatPipe Super UTM solution consolidates key security services, including Firewall, VPN, Web/URL filtering, content filter and IDS-IPS. FatPipe SuperUTM solution in addition to securing the client's network also manages the network usage. The solution includes a mail server, spam protection, gateway anti-viruses, log analyzers and a DHCP server.

FatPipe Super UTM combined with FatPipe QoS provides granular control of how traffic flows on the customer network allowing them to prioritize traffic and divide and guarantee bandwidth for mission critical applications (such as VoIP). This solution reduces the total cost of ownership significantly by eliminating costs associated with purchasing and maintaining separate hardware for separate features and services.

Unified Threat Management

Fatpipe Super UTM combined with FatPipe WARP provides load balancing capabilities along with intelligent WAN failover through the aggregation of multiple lines. Several Internet load balancing methods including Fastest Route, Weighted, Response Time and Spillover Load Balancing enables to provide dynamic bandwidth utilization.

Network Administrators are provided with the tools to direct routing criteria. The policy routing rule scheduler enables them to schedule policies at specified times and day of the week.

FatPipe Super UTM (Unified Threat Management) provides network security plus dynamic load balancing and the highest level of WAN redundancy both outbound and inbound.