WAN Optimization

WAN Optimization


WAN Optimization Increase speeds up to 75 times using single or multi-line network optimization plus redundancy

WAN OptimizationFatPipe Networks' WAN Optimization technology offers the highest performance level of WAN Optimization available using patented and patent pending technology. With FatPipe WAN Optimization, you can significantly boost your Wide Area Network performance. This is possible through acceleration of your applications, better utilization of your current WAN infrastructure that would ultimately result in saving you thousands of dollars a year on additional hardware, on software and on bandwidth costs. FatPipe WAN Optimization appreciably increases WAN utilization, providing effective use of WAN bandwidth by caching/compressing, this helps sharply reduce redundant data on a WAN.

FatPipe is the first to market and the only provider of WAN Optimization and optimization technology that can work across multiple WANs. Not only can you optimize your WAN traffic, you can achieve the highest level of WAN redundancy and reliability. Additionally, unlike other WAN optimization/acceleration products that provide WAN caching at the file level, FatPipe WAN caching works at the file as well as the byte level. Smaller granularity results in greater levels of detected redundancies, and more de-duplication and less retransmission, giving you the highest level of WAN Optimization available.

With FatPipe WAN Optimization, you can measurably increase productivity levels as it reduces response time for interactive applications, helps speed-up large data transfers between your headquarters, branches and data storage and/or disaster recovery sites, thereby increasing speed of data transfer between sites.

As reliance on the WAN as a major instrument of business grows at the rate it has over the past few years, its importance has become a prime factor. All businesses pay close attention to the health of the WAN. The cost of bandwidth has fallen significantly over the last 20 years. Most businesses have increased bandwidth to match needs. Unfortunately, increasing bandwidth alone will not solve issues of transference of data due to the inherent nature of TCP/IP protocol itself. Due to this, WAN Optimization has steadily gained importance.


How FatPipe Prevents Network Downtime

  • Redundant connections mitigate last-mile vulnerabilities
  • Diverse access hardware prevents hardware-related outages
  • Multiple paths keep applications up during network maintenance
  • Freedom to choose routing architecture that work for your business

FatPipe SD-WAN can solve unplanned network downtime.

The growth of network complexity has produced many more potential points of degradation and failure.

Source - Infonetics Research, The Cost of Downtime

Features & Benefits

  • High Performance
  • Achieve faster results compared to other WAN Optimization/Acceleration products – FatPipe offers the benefit of storing the data in fast read/write memory as well as on disk, giving you bigger storage and better performance

  • High Compression Ratios
  • Get an average of 50-90% reduction in your WAN traffic data.

  • Improved Bandwidth Utilization
  • Significantly increase bandwidth utilization of your current WAN lines with FatPipe's caching/compression and application acceleration tools.

  • Application/ Data Independence
  • Faster WAN caching than the other WAN Optimization and optimization products that cache only at the file level – FatPipe provides the benefit of storage at the byte level – no stale data.

  • Real Time Chart
  • FatPipe WAN Optimization comes with a Real Time Chart that provides information about original, un-optimized data per site and after optimization statistics.

  • QoS
  • Get further granular control of your data flow with FatPipe QoS, which includes application layer and networking layer QoS

  • WAN Optimization and Optimization PLUS WAN Redundancy
  • FatPipe is the only product that provides WAN Optimization and optimization over multiple networks AND the highest level of WAN reliability using FatPipe Router-Clustering

  • Instant Implementation
  • FatPipe WAN Optimization is totally transparent and easy to install

  • Auto-Synchronization and Out-of-Date Data Management
  • In a distributed environment between sites it is likely that data will be lost or corrupted during transmission. With usage of FatPipe's auto-synch technology, you drastically reduce the change of data being out-of-synch or corrupted between remote ends

  • Works with Single and Multiple Lines
  • Use FatPipe WAN Optimization at locations with single lines, or FatPipe MPVPN or IPVPN products with WAN Optimization and optimization for the ultimate reliable, redundant, efficient, optimized and secure WAN.

  • Extreme Availability and WAN Redundancy
  • Aggregate two or more data lines through a FatPipe unit to achieve 99.9999% Wide Area Network/ Internet reliability

  • IPSec
  • Use FatPipe integrated IPSec or your existing IPSec/Firewall

Use Case

Large Chemical Distributor
Hybrid WAN Load Balancing

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Sub-Second WAN Failover
Sub-Second WAN Failover

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