Make your wan 300% more redundant, reliable and fast for bidirectional IP traffic for business continuity

FatPipe IPVPNFatPipe Networks invented the concept of router-clustering, which provides the highest level of reliability, redundancy, and speed of Internet traffic for Business Continuity and communications. FatPipe WARP achieves fault tolerance for companies by creating an easy method of combining two or more Internet connections of any kind over multiple ISPs. FatPipe utilizes all paths when the lines are up and running, dynamically balancing traffic over the multiple lines, and intelligently failing over inbound and outbound IP traffic when ISP services and/or components fail.

Companies can host mission-critical servers - such as web, database and email servers - with confidence that access them will not be interrupted due to failed ISP services, components or congestion at peak hours. WARP features FatPipe's patented and patent pending technology, SmartDNS, which efficiently balances inbound load over multiple lines and intelligently and automatically fails over Internet traffic when needed.

WARP also provides powerful features, such as multiple options for load balancing, and policy routing tools that control how data flows on networks. FatPipe WARP also has various add-on tools including Quality of Service (QoS) and VPN, which gives you enhanced control capabilities.


Redundancy, Reliability, Speed for Business Continuity

FatPipe WARP is an ideal solution for companies that require high levels of redundancy and availability for their WAN networks as well as maximum bandwidth utilization. Companies that host internal servers that are accessed from outside their LANs, such as web, Citrix, email and database servers, require robust and redundant WANs to keep their businesses running. This reduces revenue and productivity losses due to Internet downtime. WARP provides the highest level of fault tolerance for WAN infrastructures, ensuring that inbound and outbound traffic reach their destination even when one ISP or WAN component fails.



Network outages and degradation cause significant losses in productivity and revenue.

A study of downtime at 85 large organizations (over 1,000 employees), found an average of over $32 million in revenue and productivity losses
Source - Infonetics Research, The Cost of Downtime.

One third of U.S. businesses face the loss of critical data or operational capability in the wake of a disaster, unless investments toward disaster preparedness planning are made
Source - Gartner Group; U.S. Firms Unprepared for Disasters.


How FatPipe Prevents Network Downtime

  • Redundant connections mitigate last-mile vulnerabilities
  • Diverse access hardware prevents hardware-related outages
  • Multiple paths keep applications up during network maintenance
  • Freedom to choose routing architecture that work for your business

FatPipe SD-WAN can solve unplanned network downtime.

The growth of network complexity has produced many more potential points of degradation and failure.

Source - Infonetics Research, The Cost of Downtime

Features & Benefits

  • Complete Inbound Redundancy with FatPipe SmartDNS
  • Patent-pending technology intelligently balances load across all available lines and provides for redundancy of inbound IP traffic and access to internal servers including Citrix, web, SCM, CRM, database and e-mail servers

  • Dynamic Bandwidth Utilization
  • Select from several load balancing methods including Fastest Route, Weighted, and Spillover Load Balancing

  • Increased Bandwidth
  • Aggregates multiple connections of similar or dissimilar speeds without BGP programming, saving you money, time and resources. Get up to 40Gbps speed

  • Business Continuity
  • Supports multi-homing connections over multiple ISPs without the need to make significant changes to your network infrastructure, providing intelligent and automatic failover for business continuity

  • Network Management
  • Fully supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), v2 and is MIB-II compliant

  • Policy Routing
  • Provides Administrators the tools to direct routing criteria based on application, port or IP. Use the Policy Routing Rule Scheduler to program policy routes within your specified time frame, scheduling policies to activate or deactivate at specified times and days of the week

  • Easy Installation and Management
  • WARP works with your existing infrastructure, and does not require expensive routers with programming capabilities. It can utilize any combination of lines and is easy to install and manage using its intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)

  • Unit Failover
  • An automatic unit failover option is available to customers that want a standby unit to backup the active unit

Use Case

Large Chemical Distributor

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Sub-Second WAN Failover

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