Azure + FatPipe SD-WAN

FatPipe SD-WAN for Azure, an SD-WAN Virtual Machine, enables Microsoft Azure customers who use Office 365, and other cloud-based applications to get a better experience by overcoming the need to reconnect every so often when the sessions break. This is especially important for customers and offices where large groups have to use Office 365 or other cloud hosted applications, when a single line connection to Azure is not adequate to address line drop issues.


  • Improved user experience
    FatPipe for Azure provides improved access to Azure hosted applications. Faster and reliable connectivity improves user productivity reducing frustration and enhancing cloud experience
  • Improved reliability
    FatPipe's multi-line, multi-provider connectivity options enable customers to use any type of links for access to Azure hosted applications. The use of multiple links help prevent loss of work due to unexpected session disconnects enhancing satisfaction
  • Improved security
    FatPipe using its secure multi-path MPSEC technology provides the highest possible WAN transmission security (an order of magnitude above standard encryption), and is especially designed for multinational corporations, embassies and government that want to use cloud applications but worry about security and compromised ISPs. In addition, FaPipe's encryption is FIPS 140-2 encryption SD-WAN certified by NIST
  • Improved bandwidth utilization
    FatPipe's in-built WAN Optimization can significantly reduce bandwidth needs, while FatPipe QoS gives priority to real-time applications. Delays and interruptions can decrease the user experience and productivity with Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics or other applications

In summary, by adding FatPipe to the cloud enterprises can dramatically improve the performance of Office 365, especially for multi-user office environments, and significantly increase security. End users should see a better performing Office 365 and a more positive experience.

FatPipe for Azure can be licensed with FatPipe's full suite of features including SD-WAN, WAN Optimization, Network Visibility and Reporting, VPN, and QoS. FatPipe for Azure is licensed using Azure's "Bring Your Own License" model.

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