Multi-Line WAN Optimization

Multi-Line WAN Optimization


WAN Optimization has become a consideration in most wide area networks. FatPipe has incorporated several WAN Optimization techniques and made them available as an add-on feature.

WAN RedundancyWAN Redundancy

A single connection WAN is susceptible to failure, leading to non-availability to the network. If the single line connection is down, no matter how good your acceleration techniques are, the line will not start. A vital part of multi-line WAN Optimization is having multiple connections to the WAN and the ability to failover in case of a line outage. FatPipe technology allows multiple connections to the WAN and thus eliminates unavailability of the WAN due to single-line failure.

Dynamic Load Balancing Dynamic Load Balancing on Multiple Lines

An essential component of multi-line WAN Optimization is Fatpipe's dynamic load balancing. FatPipe's dynamic load balancing allows the load to be distributed on a WAN connection per a variety of algorithms ranging form simple round-robin load balancing to complex load balancing that determines the least number of hops from start to destination.

Multiline Quality of ServiceMultiline Quality of Service

This will ensure that VoIP calls have priority and the bandwidth needed to be completed.


Data CompressionData Compression

FatPipe data compression technology has the potential of compressing data by a factor of up to 8x.


FatPipe's de-duplication technology looks for duplicates of data in data sets and eliminates them. By doing so, data is not transmitted multiple times, reducing the load on the network.


By caching local copies of transmitted data, FatPipe technology reduces the strain on network resources. When changes are made to the original data transmitted, the system only sends the differences.


Dynamic TCP Congestion ControlDynamic TCP Congestion Control and Acceleration

TCP acceleration is one of the most important components of WAN Optimization. TCP/IP is sensitive to latency. Higher latency causes slower data transfer because TCP assumes the slow acknowledgement of transmitted data by destination is due to congestion and dials back the transmission speed. In networks that have significant latency, data transfer is slow, not because of congestion, but because TCP assumes issues are from congestion.

Several algorithms have been developed to minimize the effects of latency. These algorithms have been developed for various network conditions. Most WAN acceleration technology in the market that accelerates a single connection, assumes a static latency and applies a single algorithm. This is fixed, thus when conditions change, the algorithm may not be optimal.

On the other hand, Multiline WAN Optimization introduced by FatPipe Networks is very different. FatPipe has combined WAN redundancy, load-balancing and acceleration into a single device, and as a result has a comprehensive solution. This solution ensures that the WAN is always up, loads evenly and most importantly, this technology applies WAN Acceleration algorithms to each line by session. The technology determines the conditions prevailing at the initiation of each session and applies the correct algorithm on each line. This is true multi-line WAN Optimization. The rest should be defined as line acceleration.


How FatPipe Prevents Network Downtime

  • Redundant connections mitigate last-mile vulnerabilities
  • Diverse access hardware prevents hardware-related outages
  • Multiple paths keep applications up during network maintenance
  • Freedom to choose routing architecture that work for your business

FatPipe SD-WAN can solve unplanned network downtime.

The growth of network complexity has produced many more potential points of degradation and failure.

Source - Infonetics Research, The Cost of Downtime

Features & Benefits

High PerformanceHigh Performance

FatPipe offers the benefit of storing the data in fast read/write memory as well as on disks, giving bigger storage and better performance.

High Compression RatiosHigh Compression Ratios

Get an average of eight times compression and up to twenty times compression ratios depending on the type of traffic.

Improved Bandwidth UtilizationImproved Bandwidth Utilization

Significantly increase bandwidth utilization of current WAN lines with FatPipe's caching/compression and application acceleration tools.

Application/Data IndependenceApplication/Data Independence

Faster WAN caching than technologies that cache only at the file level – FatPipe provides the benefit of storage at the byte level – no stale data.

Real-Time ChartsReal-Time Charts

FatPipe WAN Optimization comes with a Real-Time Chart that provides information about original, un-optimized data per site and statistics after optimization.

WAN OptimizationWAN Optimization with WAN Redundancy

FatPipe is the only product that provides WAN Optimization over multiple networks AND the highest level of WAN reliability using FatPipe Router-Clustering technology.

Instant Implementation Instant Implementation

FatPipe WAN Optimization is transparent and easy to install.

Out-Of-Date Data ManagementAuto-Synchronization and Out-Of-Date Data Management

In a distributed environment between sites, it is likely that data will be lost or corrupted during transmission. With the usage of FatPipe's auto-sync technology, you have zero chance of data being out-of-sync corrupted between remote ends.

Single and Multiple LinesWorks with Single and Multiple Lines

Use FatPipe WAN Optimization at locations with single lines, or locations with two or more lines aggregated through a FatPipe router clustering device with WAN Optimization for the ultimate reliable, redundant, efficient, optimized and secure WAN.

Edge WAN optimization TechnologyFatPipe Leading Edge WAN optimization Technology Versus Legacy WAN Optimization

Legacy systems do optimization on the LAN side and need multiple devices for algorithm switching. This is a very large drawback because multiple devices are needed if a network has multiple WAN connections. FatPipe has changed WAN optimization by leveraging its strengths on the WAN redundancy and reliability router clustering technology and concentrating on the WAN side. FatPipe does optimization the WAN side and does session-based dynamic algorithm switching on a single device.

Applications involving the back-up of data are another example of the suitability of FatPipe's WAN Optimization technology. Backing up data using legacy systems requires multiple devices so that various algorithms can be applied to each connection. Since the lines are not aggregated, if a line fails, there will be a loss of data since failover isn't automatic. However, with a FatPipe technology, a single device handles the failover, aggregation, and optimization. Automatic failover occurs when a line goes down, thus ensuring no data loss. In addition, FatPipe WAN Optimization technology is conducted on each session on each line, thus leading to much higher throughputs with an all in one device.

Use Case

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