Secure Hybrid WAN


Managing a Hybrid WAN is really about secure traffic management. Enterprises seeking to implement a Hybrid WAN need a solution that balances security, cost, and efficiency across multiple diverse network connections.

Extensive research has established that security is the number one issue faced by WAN administrators. Hosting your data in the cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premise has created the need for highly secure traffic management between users and your data. There are many solutions out there that claim to have the capabilities to manage this traffic securely, but not all these solutions are the same.

If you think security, firewalls are part of the conversation. Firewalls are designed to detect and prevent intrusion but are not WAN traffic management devices. Traditional Routers are designed to route traffic over multiple links but have been complicated to install and complicated to manage.

Hybrid WAN has disrupted the traditional networking industry, and today, software managing your data traffic is becoming much more commonplace. For a hybrid WAN solution to be successful in today's complicated networks, it must be simple to install and, above all, simple to use and administrate. It must be able to run on popular hypervisors, be compatible with cloud infrastructures and understand multiple link types, including legacy systems, such as BGP networks, as well as the less expensive and ubiquitous broadband networks.

So how does the WAN administrator find the best Hybrid WAN solution when there are so many choices and marketing hype?


Best of breed Hybrid WAN solutions will come with the following features:

  • Easy to install
  • Support ALL link types (existing legacy systems (BGP) as well as Internet, satellite, 3G,4G,5G, LTE, cable)
  • Support multiple links in one device (up to 12 interfaces is not uncommon)
  • Support bandwidth ranges from 10Mb up to 40 Gig
  • Provide secure management of BOTH inbound and outbound traffic
  • Allow customization and assignment of application traffic on certain links with instant failover
  • Ability to determine healthy links instantly, which allows for instant failover, of BOTH inbound and outbound traffic. This usually means the methodology used to test the links is very important. Ask what algorithms the software uses to test the links
  • Cloud support with an emphasis on secure traffic transmission and instant failover capabilities to multiple link types.
  • Zero-touch branch deployment
  • Options to host or outsource to MSP
  • Opex or Capex offerings
  • Most important! Easy to use management tool! It must provide a simple to use traffic management tool that allows for quick, easy, and intuitive changes to any link or application traffic no matter where that application or link is located on the WAN


FatPipe Networks has been developing and selling Hybrid WAN solutions for over 17 years, and are widely known as the "inventors" of software-defined WAN. The software suite is extremely comprehensive, but what is most talked about is the easy to use interface, EnterpriseView – which is a single pane view of the network allowing administrators easy access and with simple to understand menus, administrators can make changes to traffic management, no matter the destination, starting point or route taken.

FatPipe Networks encryption is FIPS 140-2 certified. It is approved for government agencies and enterprise customers. To add to the security capabilities, FatPipe recently announced firewall support next-generation firewall IPS/IDS features allowing users the luxury of having a highly secure traffic management solution with an integrated firewall.

FatPipe's comprehensive Hybrid WAN management suite is unique in the industry, especially its patented SmartDNS™ which provides customers with INBOUND fail-over capabilities, this simplifies deploying a hybrid cloud in conjunction with a hybrid WAN. FatPipe also provides industry-leading policy-based routing, giving administrators the ability to set thresholds based on common network issues, such as latency, jitter, and packet loss that will trigger if certain user-defined conditions are met, ensuring data is not lost or compromised due to congestion or other link issues.


How FatPipe Prevents Network Downtime

  • Redundant connections mitigate last-mile vulnerabilities
  • Diverse access hardware prevents hardware-related outages
  • Multiple paths keep applications up during network maintenance
  • Freedom to choose routing architecture that work for your business

FatPipe SD-WAN can solve unplanned network downtime.

The growth of network complexity has produced many more potential points of degradation and failure.

Source - Infonetics Research, The Cost of Downtime