Internet Load Balancing

A Reliable and Efficient Corporate Network

FatPipe provides resiliency and continuity for businesses through its wide range of solutions available for Wide Area Network. FatPipe offers solutions that conduct line failover automatically; it is dynamic and works with diverse combination of data lines.

FatPipe solutions are totally agnostic to the type of data connections and can combine data lines including DSL, T1, Wireless, 3G, Fiber, Metro-Ethernet rings and more at various sites. Data is automatically failed over to available lines if a connection, component or service fails. FatPipe's Internet Load balancing solutions works with all existing hardware and applications and is the leading alternative to BGP load balancing.

Internet Load Balancing

FatPipe Internet Load balancing can accommodate small companies and branch offices with its lower throughput versions starting at 5Mbps, as well as enterprise level customers who require high levels of bandwidth.

FatPipe offers the customers with an added benefit of FatPipe's patented technology, SmartDNS, which provides for the DNS load balancing as well as inbound line failover. FatPipe's Internet Load balancing solution combined with patented SmartDNS, QoS enables the customers to implement mission critical applications including VoIP, VPN, and ERP