FatPipe is the only DevConnect Select SD-WAN solution, and the only DevConnect certified SD-WAN product

FatPipe and Avaya have partnered to simplify WAN architecture and improve VoIP quality everywhere, "Datacenter-to-Device®" combining top quality unified communications with next generation hybrid, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution.

  • FatPipe solutions allow Avaya customers to manage, monitor, and maintain multiple wide area network (WAN) connections. This eliminates the need for ISP management and allows entities to can control their WAN traffic to ensure quality voice and data transmission using software-defined, hybrid WAN structures to maximize resiliency, and to optimize WAN cost structure. FatPipe solutions can be applied to accommodate diverse WAN link connection options for lower total cost of ownership, to eliminate last mile delays, and to improve VoIP quality and cloud access for off-site services.
  • FatPipe solutions give customers the ability to use diverse circuits, including lower cost WAN connections, while increasing quality and reliability of unified communications and collaboration (UCC) services. This way an entity can fully connect all locations for resilient access to voice and other critical applications including voice to increase the footprint of Avaya services.
  • FatPipe can add significant value to any UC network design for any customer. It is scalable and adds value to the small business just as it adds value to global enterprises. Along with increasing performance and quality of installed Avaya services for general commercial and enterprise accounts, FatPipe can also be an added asset for compliance across healthcare and financial verticals. In government or education verticals, FatPipe can assist in meeting architecture requirements to comply with mandates. In general, commercial and enterprise accounts FatPipe is scalable and adds value to the small business just as it adds value to global enterprises.

FatPipe solves the problem of dependence on high-cost WAN structures and by helping organizations structure all types of bandwidth to deliver the expected quality of voice quality and continuity of voice and data services. FatPipe reduces the need for expensive POTS back-up systems by increasing options for active/passive failover, thereby freeing up budget to take advantage of Avaya UC systems and solutions. Unlike competitors, FatPipe's VoIP failover has been put to the test for several years in call centers and other demanding networks including call centers, and it works flawlessly. Failover is seamless and sub-second, so calls and sessions are maintained with 98.99997% up time

FatPipe is also the only SD-WAN solution that is DevConnect Select product, and the only DevConnect tested SD-WAN product.