FatPipe and Avaya, Together Deliver the Only Integrated solution for Datacenter-to-Desktop™ Connectivity

FatPipe and Avaya partner to simplify Software-Defined architecture everywhere, "Datacenter-to-Desktop™" combining a fabric-based SDN with next generation hybrid, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution.

FatPipe and Avaya, together,

  • Deliver simple, agile and resilient end-to-end infrastructure
  • Make network configuration and deployment of new services faster and easier.
  • Enable rapid delivery of new applications
  • Deploy hybrid WAN for connectivity over a combination of MPLS, broadband, 3G/4G/LTE
  • Provide reliability, redundancy and seamless failover for communication and application sessions
  • Display real time and historical performance data to help customers manage the WAN
  • Identify and service issues and meet business demands.
  • Bring WAN application awareness and analytics to allow customers to respond to changing traffic conditions within the unified fabric to meet application requirements

FatPipe - Avaya Use Case

Data Compression / Application Optimization

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Sub-Second WAN Failover

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Hybrid WAN Load Balancing

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Unified Communication Enhancement

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Case Studies

Global BPO

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Large Chemical Distributor

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US School District

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Smart Site-to-Site Security

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