Premise Managed Solutions

Premise Managed Solutions


FatPipe's Premise Managed Solutions provides enterprises the ability to centrally control their WANs, easily manage branches, and deploy appliances with Zero-touch.

End-users can easily migrate from a traditional star or hub-and-spoke WAN topology to a more optimal topology for diverse cloud resources, a hybrid WAN. Managers are no longer restricted by limitations in access arrangements, and bandwidth can easily be added to any site. This makes it simple to augment and enhance an existing MPLS circuit with readily available, dedicated Internet of broadband circuits.

The FatPipe Orchestrator is hosted within the FatPipe appliance at the customer's headquarters or data center. The customer maintains exclusive and complete control of the orchestrator. When remote symphony devices connect to the network, their policy and security configurations are pulled, without input from remote personnel. Once configured, remote devices continue to communicate with the orchestrator. Their configurations are synced, allowing the orchestrator to automatically populate any policy or configurations throughout the network.


Premise Managed SolutionsFeatures

  • FatPipe's Patented MPSec Technology
  • Zero-Touch Automatic Configuration at branches
  • Dynamic Path Selection of Multiple Active Hybrid WAN paths
  • Sub-Second Failover of Sessions

Premise Managed SolutionsBenefits

  • Increases Network Performance
  • Improves Network Reliability
  • Augments Network Visibility
  • Fortifies Network Security
  • Lowers Network Total Cost of Ownership
  • Enhances Business Agility
  • Decreases Time to Deploy New Sites, Services, or Bandwidth
Premise Managed Solutions

How FatPipe Prevents Network Downtime

  • Redundant connections mitigate last-mile vulnerabilities
  • Diverse access hardware prevents hardware-related outages
  • Multiple paths keep applications up during network maintenance
  • Freedom to choose routing architecture that work for your business

FatPipe SD-WAN can solve unplanned network downtime.

The growth of network complexity has produced many more potential points of degradation and failure.

Source - Infonetics Research, The Cost of Downtime

Use Case

Large Chemical Distributor
Hybrid WAN Load Balancing

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Sub-Second WAN Failover
WAN Failover

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