Site Load Balancing & Failover

Add Ons

FatPipe's router clustering products can be enhanced by FatPipe's complimentary products, FatPipe QoS, IPSec, FatPipe Site Failover and FatPipe Compression. Features details are listed below.


FatPipe Quality of Service (QoS) - Gives you granular control of how traffic flows on your network. You can prioritize traffic and divide bandwidth for mission critical applications (such as VoIP) or by IP or Port

Qos & Bandwidth Management

Site Load Balancing / Failover

Site Load Balancing / Failover - Enhances your company's Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity solution by providing automatic failover and load balancing capability between two or more locations

Site Load Balancing/Failover

Smart DNS

FatPipe Smart DNS – A patented technology from FatPipe, provides the highest level of failover for inbound traffic, and provides for inbound load balancing. Smart DNS is standard on WARP & MPVPN plus Super UTM



FatPipe VPN - Allows you to configure VPN tunnels with any standard IPSec VPN peer for site-to-site as well as remote user VPN tunnels

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN Road Warrior Failover

FatPipe VPN Road Warrior Failover - Provides redundancy for remote VPN sites and mobile users ensuring VPN connectivity at every level

VPN Road Warrior Failover

Unit Failover

Unit Failover - An automatic unit failover option is available for customers that want a standby unit to backup the active IPVPN unit

WAN Unit Failover

WAN Optimization

WAN Optimization – Appreciably increases WAN utilization, providing effective use of WAN bandwidth by caching and compression, sharply reducing redundant data on a WAN. Get between 4 to 20 times compression and reduction in WAN traffic

WAN Optimization

Central Manager

FatPipe Central Manager - Update all MPSec tables for multiple sites from a single location and manage global upgrades for multiple sites from a central location

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