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FatPipe Networks Recognized as Top Utah High-Tech Innovator

March 04, 2003

FatPipe Networks™, the inventor of router clustering devices for reliable, redundant and fast Internet/WAN connections, today announced it has been named a finalist for the 2003 Utah Innovation Awards. The Awards are given by business law firm, Stoel Rives LLP, and technology magazine, Wasatch Digital iQ, in conjunction with the Utah Engineering Experiment Station.

"We are proud to be recognized as a leader in technology innovation," said Ragula Bhaskar Ph.D., President and CEO of FatPipe Networks. "This recognition adds to the accolades we have received from other entities, as well as the marketplace."

FatPipe's MPVPN router-clustering device was the innovation nominated to represent FatPipe. It is currently the only product available on the market that provides the highest level of redundancy, speed, and security for corporate VPNs over multiple VPN tunnels. Integrating MPVPN into an existing VPN infrastructure can protect companies who use their VPNs to transmit mission critical applications from the costly results of WAN downtime. FatPipe has secured three patents that cover MPVPN's core functionality to date. Five additional patents are pending.

MPVPN takes any VPN network and makes it 300% more reliable, 300% more redundant, and up to 900% more secure in WAN transmission, while providing up to 300% more bandwidth. MPVPN work with any combination of last mile technologies including T1, E1, T3, E3, DSL, and wireless as well as other technologies. This enables corporations to confidently deploy VPNs over public networks, such as the Internet, worldwide without having to worry about WAN system failures. MPVPN can take 99.5% SLA data lines and by bonding them over multiple carriers and last mile connections, raise it to reliabilities of 99.999988%, ensuring a virtually fail-proof WAN.

Other accolades and awards earned by FatPipe include being chosen as one of Utah's Top High-Tech companies in 2002 by Utah Business Magazine; helping client SanDisk Corporation win TechTarget's 2002 Networking Innovator Award based on the implementation of FatPipe MPVPN technology; and having CTO and co-inventor Sanch Datta be recognized as one of Utah's top Female inventors by Utah Business Magazine.

"The Utah Innovation Awards program is designed to discover extraordinary innovations by large and emerging Utah companies, and to encourage others to step forward in the future," stated Program Organizer and Stoel Rives Attorney Kevin Laurence. A panel of experts from private industry, government and higher education selected three finalists in each of the programs six categories (Biotechnology; Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals; Medial Devices; Computer Software & Web Services; Electrical Devices; and Mechanical Devices & Advanced Materials). The final winners of each of the program's six categories will be announced at an awards luncheon, March 20, 2003 at noon at the University of Utah's Olpin Union Ballroom.

About FatPipe Networks

FatPipe is the inventor and patents holder of router clustering products which enable companies to obtain highly redundant and fast Internet/WAN access, as well as high security allowing such corporations to implement Intranets, thin client, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and other mission critical web based applications. FatPipe coined the term Router Clustering.

FatPipe products' main technology features include multi-homing two or more communication lines of any type, using the same or different ISPs, WAN redundancy and high availability; additional security and speed of data transmissions, and route control features for inbound and outbound IP traffic.

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