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FatPipe Networks' WAN Optimization and Security Product, MPVPN, Provides Uninterrupted WAN Uptime of VoIP, Video, Citrix Thin Client, and VPN Traffic Using Patented MPSec Technology

Sep 21, 2005

FatPipe Networks™, the inventor and multiple patents holder of WAN optimization, redundancy and security products, announced today that its patented security feature, Multi-Path Security technology (MPSecä), provides seamless failover between VPN tunnels bonded by FatPipe's MPVPN product.

MPVPN will dynamically sense when wide area network services and components fail, and will automatically re-route data transmission to available lines. VPN sessions remain uninterrupted.

"An increase in the deployment of VoIP and video used in the corporate environment – a trend we see among our customer base – has elevated the importance of continuity in data transmission over VPN and other Wide Area Network infrastructures," commented Ragula Bhaskar, Ph.D., CEO of FatPipe Networks.

"FatPipe has provided the highest level of redundancy for WAN traffic, and now our MPVPN product provides seamless and entirely dynamic auto-failover of any IP data without restarting sessions when interruptions occurs to the network. That means IP voice data, video, Citrix and other mission critical WAN applications are never interrupted due to intermittent WAN failures," concluded Dr. Bhaskar.

FatPipe MPVPN is designed specifically to support VPN infrastructures as enabling technology, providing the highest level of redundancy, reliability, security, and speed for VPN tunnels. FatPipe is the first to market with a device that provides redundancy on VPN paths as well as additional security for bi-directional IP data transmissions over multiple connections utilizing MPSec. MPSec achieves up to 900 percent more security of data transmissions, making it extremely difficult for hackers to obtain information from the VPN illegally.

MPVPN's core functionality bonds any combination of multiple connections of T3, E3, T1, E1, DSL, Cable or Wireless connections to create a virtual "fatpipe" for aggregate speed. MPVPN also provides fault tolerance over multiple ISPs and backbones, without BGP programming or additional proprietary equipment needed at the ISP site.

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FatPipe Networks is the inventor of router clustering solutions that provide highly redundant, reliable and high-speed Internet access for mission-critical applications. FatPipe products enable companies to obtain low-cost, highly redundant and fast Internet/WAN access, allowing such corporations to implement Intranets, Thin Client, Virtual Private Networks and Frame Relay Networks. For more information, please visit:

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