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FatPipe Networks Recognized Seven Times by Leading Local, National and North American Business Journals and Organizations

FatPipe Networks and its CEO received seven awards in the area of innovative technology, business leadership, and revenue growth within the last seven months

Apr 16, 2008

FatPipe Networks™, the inventor and multiple patents holder of WAN optimization, redundancy and security products, announced today that it has been the recipient of seven national and local awards. These awards recognize FatPipe and its CEO in the areas of business practice, leadership, and technology innovation over the last seven months.

Inc. magazine's Inc. 5000 Award selected FatPipe as the 36th top company in security and 2,127th in overall ranking as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. The IndUS Business Journal recognized FatPipe in the area of Technology Innovation as part of its annual Innovation Awards. FatPipe was also selected by Innovations and Solutions Showcase as the winner of the Best Innovative Technology Award presented at the AAA/CAA Information Technology Conference in Toronto, Canada.

State awards include the MWCN Utah Top 100, a listing of the fastest growing companies in Utah, ranking 75th in of 2007. FatPipe has made the list of Utah Top 100 five years in a row, ranking in the top 25 companies three of the five years. Dr. Ragula Bhaskar, CEO of FatPipe, received the Connect magazine annual readership award entitled, "Connect 25; the 2007 Connect Readers' Choice Awards; 25 People who Most Influenced Business in Utah." He also won the award in 2006, as did the Co-Founder and CTO of FatPipe, Sanchaita Datta. In February of 2008, FatPipe was selected for the Utah Business magazine 2008 IQ Award, as the most Innovative Technology Company in the area of Communications. He was also selected by the Utah Asian Chamber of Commerce to receive the Outstanding Business Owner Award in March, 2008.

"We are truly honored to be acknowledged by the various national and local business institutions that host these events," said Dr. Bhaskar. "We are grateful to our employees whose hard work helps grow the company at an accelerated rate, and that our patented technologies have been recognized for their innovation and need in the marketplace," said Dr. Bhaskar.

About FatPipe Networks

FatPipe Networks is the inventor and multiple patents holder of technology that provides the highest levels Internet/Wide Area Network (WAN) reliability, fault tolerance, redundancy, security and acceleration. FatPipe's line of products cover an array of features and benefits for companies that run mission critical Internet/WAN applications over any type of infrastructure.

Customer benefits include up to seven-nines WAN redundancy, reliability, and speed; dynamic load balancing, Quality of Service (QoS), and additional security; as well as compression, and IPSec capabilities.

FatPipe technology empowers network administrators by giving them the tools they need to optimize their network using QoS, compression, policy routing, and security tools. Just as importantly, FatPipe is the world's most innovative creator of WAN redundancy technology, router clustering, which affords companies automatic and dynamic failover of a downed data line connection due to a WAN component or service failure.

FatPipe's core patented and patent-pending technology provides methods that enable high speed data transfer through multiple lines, multiple ISPs, and backbones over the Internet or other WANs with seamless re-assembly of data streams. FatPipe holds six patents for its security feature, MPSec, and for its Redundant Array of Inexpensive Lines (RAIL) technology, which aggregates data lines over multiple ISPs and backbones without BGP programming.

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