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Women Tech Awards Presented to Five Outstanding Women

Women Tech Council and MountainWest Capital Network Presented First Women Tech Awards and Honored 15 Finalists

Sep 22, 2008

Five women were awarded the first Women Tech Awards at Women Tech Awards Luncheon which was presented by Women Tech Council and MountainWest Capital Network. The women received this award in front of a 300-person sold out room. Shauna Lake from KUTV 2 Emceed and Vicki Saunders from Silicon Valley keynoted the event.

This was the first year for the award program which was designed to recognize technology-focused women who are driving innovation, leading technology companies, and are key contributors to the community. The five awards were presented by Epic Ventures, Omniture, USTAR, Canopy Ventures and Workman Nydegger to the following women:

  • Deborah Eppstein, Ph.D. , | Q Therapeutics | Leadership Excellence
  • Sanchaita Datta | FatPipe Technology | Innovator
  • Tamara Goetz, Ph.D. | GOED | Community Builder
  • Michelle Gunter | MarketStar | Rising Star
  • Sally Brown | Autoliv | Professional Excellence

Devin Thorpe, President of MountainWest Capital Network and Managing Director of TOIP at USTAR, said "The Women Tech Awards program has established itself as the premier recognition for women in technology. We were honored to co-present this program and be able to recognize so many great and talented women in the community."

"The five women awarded the Women Tech Awards represent exactly what we established this program for, leadership, innovation, community involvement and passion." said Cydni Tetro, Executive Director Women Tech Council and VP of Products and Marketing at NextPage. "We were proud to honor all of the women involved in the 2008 Women Tech Awards."

The finalists previously announced, listed alphabetically, are as follows:

  • Amy Rees Anderson, MediConnect Global, Inc.
  • Sally Brown, Autoliv
  • Cheryl Snapp Conner, Snapp Connor PR
  • Sanchaita Datta, Fatpipe Networks
  • Deborah Eppstein, Q Therapeutics
  • Juliana Freire, VisTrails
  • Patricia Goede, VisualShare
  • Tamara Goetz, GOED
  • Michelle Gunter, MarketStar
  • Rachael Herrscher, TodaysMama
  • Inita Lyon, University of Utah
  • Brenda Mann, Sentrx Animal Care
  • Jan Miller, Standers
  • Xinru Page, NextPage
  • Susan Preator, Imagine Learning

An honorary award was also presented to the founding board of the Women Tech Council. The Women Tech Council was established in Q3 of 2007 and has grown to over 250 members. The founding board members are:

  • Kim Jones, Verite and Chair of the Board, Women Tech Council,
  • Cydni Tetro, NextPage and Executive Director, Women Tech Council
  • Sara Jones, Workman Nydeggar and Secretary, Women Tech Council
  • Linda Muir, Westminster and Treasurer, Women Tech Council
  • Elyce Jones, Omniture and Board Member Women Tech Council
  • Kelly Sawyer, Consonus and Board Member Women Tech Council
  • Gillian Rawcliffe, Verite and Board Member Women Tech Council
  • Cara Jones, Verite and Board Member Women Tech Council
  • Gretta Spendlove, Durham, Jones & Pinegar and Board Member Women Tech Council

About Women Tech Council

Founded in 2007, the Women Tech Council was designed to be an advocate for women who are currently working for technology companies and for those that may work for businesses in other market sectors working with technology in their job roles.

We provide leadership, resources and mentoring for women while maintaining a strong bond with the business community supporting avenues for top technology talent and visible sponsorship opportunities. We support women-owned and women-operated technology companies. We pride ourselves on recognizing women leaders and entrepreneurs in the technology business and supporting them.

When you join the Women Tech Council, you will be amongst some of the top technology talent and leadership in Utah.

About MountainWest Capital Network

Based in Salt Lake City, MountainWest Capital Network's members include a broad mix of entrepreneurs, venture capital providers, professional consultants, attorneys, bankers, accountants, and educators from universities and institutions of higher education. MWCN seeks to promote business growth and capital development in the state through a variety of educational and professional activities. The premier programs that MWCN provides to the business community, other than their networking events, include the Utah100 Program and the Utah Deal-Flow Report. Membership information is available through the MWCN website or via email at

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