FatPipe Networks, the inventor and multiple patent holder of router clustering technology provides the highest level of redundancy, WAN optimization, speed and security for all types of Wide Area Networks (WANs).

FatPipe technology helps our customers strengthen their network by using multiple WAN links to create a fast and highly reliable Wide Area Network (WAN). FatPipe router clustering devices aggregate two or more (up to 24) data lines to provide the highest level of automatic WAN failover due to intermittent and unpredictable line, component, or service failures. Using FatPipe's patented Redundant Array of Independent Lines (RAIL) technology, FatPipe provides dynamic and automatic line failover easily. There are no complicated router tables to configure, no need for the cooperation of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and BGP programming is not required.

FatPipe can aggregate disparate lines; Fiber, Copper, or Wireless (3G/4G/LTE/Satellite); Broadband or Leased; Public or Private, and is agnostic to the Provider. This gives it the power and flexibility to be adaptable to local conditions.

Router Clustering

FatPipe's industry leading first to market technology is designed to impart WAN redundancy and reliability. These devices work with any carrier and any type of data line and increases reliability to over 99.999988%. FatPipe devices are capable of auto failover of VoIP, VPN, and thin client sessions while dynamically balancing load across all connections. The technology is also designed to work with all industry standard firewalls and other CPE, and can handle both static and dynamic IP addresses.