FatPipe Networks specializes in the development of technology that provides redundancy, reliability and optimization of Wide Area Networks. From simple Internet connectivity to complex configurations of WANs, FatPipe technology ensures that the WAN is always available and traffic flow is optimized. This is critical to business as the WAN forms a pivotal part of the Business Continuity paradigm.

As the structure and complexity of businesses grow, so does the complexity of the Wide Area Network. Network complexity, coupled with a vast number of offices oftentimes overwhelms harried Network Administrators. The demands on their time are relentless and remote branches sometimes do not have network support staff. Support staffs have to scramble to keep up and prioritize problem resolution depending on the importance, ensuring uninterrupted business operations. The problem of keeping the network running optimally, along with the maintenance of a myriad of equipment, poses many challenges.

FatPipe customers are global in nature and face the problems described above. To ensure FatPipe technology can be installed in the network with minimal disruptions and maintain post installation, FatPipe developed EnterpriseView® Technology. This technology gives Network Administrators the ability to monitor, manage, and maintain all FatPipe devices from a central location.


EnterpriseView® Technology has been designed with the idea of reducing the complexity of maintaining multiple FatPipe devices across a wide spread network. EnterpriseView® Technology can either be incorporated in Greenfield installations or be incorporated in existing installations. Many of FatPipe's customers have hundreds of installations worldwide. Managing each device is a big challenge. EnterpriseView® Technology solves this problem with an easy to implement software module that can be retro-installed or incorporated in new installations.

  • The central unit can constantly monitor the health of every other FatPipe unit in the network
  • Extract reports from each device
  • Store statistics for review, display and reporting
  • Dashboard view for displaying the status of the network
  • Map view for geographical display of the network
  • Statistics for protocol, IP address and applications
  • Allow global changes to be made to each device
  • Gives in-depth view of prevailing network conditions
  • Alerts central unit when one of the units is experiencing problems
  • Saves Network admin and support staff time and effort in managing units
Considering the complexity of modern WANs, this technology will go a long way in alleviating the need for constant management of FatPipe devices.

Examples of a few of the functionalities of EnterpriseView® Technology are


Benefits of FatPipe Technology with EnterpriseView® Technology

FatPipe technology makes the WAN redundant, secure, always available and optimized. Addition of EnterpriseView® Technology ensures a user experience that is surpassed by none.

  • Redundant WAN
  • Efficient use of bandwidth
  • Simple, easy to install and use
  • Quality of Service including scheduler
  • Load balancing traffic including VPN
  • Ability to handle public and private networks seamlessly and simultaneously
  • Control of all FatPipe devices from a central unit
  • In-depth reports and ability to discern prevailing network conditions
  • Simplify global change procedure

FatPipe technology is designed for ease of use. Its modular architecture allows it to grow along with evolving Network configurations.