Make your WAN 300% more redundant reliable and fast for internet and WAN access

FatPipe® XTREME is a high-speed router clustering device from FatPipe Networks. It is the ultimate solution for companies that want the highest levels of WAN redundancy, reliability, load balancing, and speed for data traffic directed from the network to the Internet.

XTREME aggregates any combination of DS3, T1, E3, E1, DSL, ISDN, wireless, and/or cable lines. Customers can bind the same type of lines together, (such as two or more T1 Internet connections), or disparate lines, (any combination of two or more different type lines, such as a wired T1, a wireless connection, and a DSL) to create a virtual FatPipe.

XTREME balances the load over the multiple paths resulting in increased speed. XTREME also has an automatic line failover component that intelligently detects any line, router (including dual WANs), ISP or backbone failures. XTREME identifies the disruption, and automatically reroutes outbound traffic to available lines. XTREME ensures that WAN infrastructures remain intact and are up and running etc.

XTREME is perfect for remote offices utilizing CITRIX® or other thin client technologies where the offices are accessing servers and programs located at a separate location via the Internet.

XTREME works with all existing hardware and applications. No BGP programming is required. FatPipe XTREME is available in 40Gbps and can support more than three DS3 connections.

FatPipe Xtreme


  • Higher Internet Access Speed! Combine T3/T1/DSL/ISDN/wireless routers and get up to 40Gbps speed.
  • Enables organizations to add Internet bandwidth incrementally as demand increases.
  • Up to three times faster! FatPipe XTREME pulls web pages over multiple connections reducing download time.
  • Minimize costs by combining up to three T3/T1 lines into single high-speed connection. Get higher speeds with lower cost T1 instead of installing expensive fractional T3 lines.
  • Senses Internet traffic and balances load over several lines.
  • Fast installation-under 30 minutes.


  • Works transparently with existing Internet access management software.
  • Network administrators can use FatPipe Access Manager to control Internet use.
  • No configuration needed for gateway PC or other computers on the LAN.
  • Supports existing applications.
  • Requires no personnel training on new software.


  • Create a fail-safe connection that automatically re-routes information to second or third router.
  • Use two or three separate ISPs for additional redundancy. Should one ISP backbone or equipment at one ISP fail, the second or third ISP connection will provide redundancy.
  • Utilize existing back-up connections for additional bandwidth, while maintaining redundancy.
  • Auto fail-over features provides maximum redundancy when using XTREME


  • Save money by avoiding costly T3 installation and access charges. Simply add another T1 line at a lower cost
  • Save costs by eliminating the need for expensive, load balancing equipment.
  • No need for expensive router and related equipment upgrade. Save $30,000 in equipment costs.
  • Grow with needed bandwidth, rather than paying for costly line installation and access charges before they are needed.
  • FatPipe's patented RAIL technology intelligently balances load choosing the fastest connection available for out -bound traffic
  • FatPipe XTREME and SUPERSTREAM aggregate multiple connections of similar or dissimilar speeds without BGP programming
  • Outbound Policy Routing allows administrators to manage traffic and set rules for routing based on source and destination port numbers and IP addresses
  • Emergency paging and e mail notification for administrators
  • Diagnostic tools to identify and resolve issues
  • Web based management tools for remote management are available when enabled by an administrator
  • FatPipe's Proxy ARP feature allows administrators to integrate XTREME or SUPERSTREAM into their networks without having to change gateway IP addresses on client computers saving time and money
  • Unit Failover is available to XTREME customers that want a standby unit to backup the active unit