Multi Site Reliability, Redundancy and Load Balancing

FatPipe Site Load Balancing empowers Customers to keep their services available to its customers

FatPipe's Site Load Balancing solution combined with FatPipe's patented SmartDNS technology, provides resiliency and continuity for businesses. It distributes traffic between two sites, utilizing all lines available at each site. Unlike traditional master/backup solutions, FatPipe Site Load Balancing utilizes both site's bandwidth and other resources.

server load balancing

FatPipe Site Load Balancing combines Internet load balancing and patented SmartDNS technology to insure that their services are always available to their customers. By implementing both line load balancing and Site Load Balancing has redundancy not only in the event that they have a line failure but also have redundancy in the event that the headquarter becomes totally off line.

FatPipe's Site Load Balancing empowers customers to improve availability of their applications and have no down time. Even when they experience several line failures it does not affect connectivity because of the redundant path available due to the use of the FatPipe. FatPipe Site Load Balancing solution does not affect productivity even when they had to bring their headquarter site offline while say - moving to a larger data center. FatPipe site load balancing enables them to direct the production traffic over to the disaster recovery site.

With the use of the FatPipe Site Load Balancing, customers have been able to grow their business and have been able to offer continued service to their customers.