Link Load Balancing

FatPipe's link load balancing technology

Over thirteen years ago, FatPipe Networks defined and created the concept of link load balancing. FatPipe engineered the technology of using links to increase and maintain bandwidth. These critical links compliment networks and ensure that mission critical applications run impeccably. WAN configuration set-up will easily allow FatPipe's link load balancing technology to integrate seamlessly within the network.

Link Load Balancing

Redundancy is the top priority and should be used to increase performance and efficiency for FatPipe's customers. Each link balancer has an automatic failover built in to ensure uptime and continuity of network connections. Link balancing also ensures that any VOIP applications and video applications have an auto session failover.

Even if a company has disparate networks with different bandwidth, FatPipe's link balancers will allow the sessions to be automatically failed over and there will always be a complete balance of packets and sessions throughout the network.

FatPipe's patented technologies have been helping companies achieve 99.999988% uptime and network security for over a decade. FatPipe will ensure that all traffic is balanced perfectly using the link balancing features on which every FatPipe choosen to implement into a network. FatPipe has several products to choose from which offer this advanced technology.

When an ISP fails, the link load balancer will provide failover to ensure that the cloud technologies remain up and running. FatPipe's patented technology will ensure that the correct link is used and the network capabilities are constantly maintained.

FatPipe products have link load balancing as a part of core feature.