Satellite WAN Optimization

WAN Optimization and Sat Booster to facilitate site to site and satellite connectivity

FatPipe provides a multi-site WAN optimization solution that optimizes communication between head office, Data center and offshore remote facilities connected through physical and satellite links

Nowadays, business and leisure travelers demand convenience and expectations continue to grow among passengers for advanced communications and internet access at sea. Several unique factors come in to play as a result of the remote and mobile nature of the users and remote transportation facilities. Bandwidth of remote facilities is restricted as a result of the satellite link capacities

Satellite WAN Optimization

Major requirements dictate the need for a FatPipe appliance to facilitate the secure and timely delivery of data between all locations. Sensitive data must be transmitted via secured IPSEC tunnels. Bandwidth is restricted to the performance of the satellite links used by the remote and mobile facilities. As such, optimizing the traffic between locations greatly enhances the timely delivery of critical data.

The MPVPN model provides IPSEC connectivity between all facilities over public internet lines thereby ensuring secure delivery of sensitive data. In addition to providing the secure data delivery the FatPipe MPVPN also provides site to site optimization of secure data utilizing the WAN Optimization features. IPSEC tunnels are defined between FatPipe devices at each facility using the FatPipe as the VPN endpoint for each tunnel. Where there are multiple WAN connections available at each location, the IPSEC traffic is transported between FatPipe units with the patented FatPipe MPSEC transmission protocol allowing IPSEC traffic to be more securely transmitted than standard IPSEC can do. MPSEC facilitates the additional security and failover of IPSEC transmitted traffic.

FatPipe TCP Congestion control engine provides more enhanced transmission of data and optimizing internet traffic for satellite links. FatPipe's Sat Booster blocks bandwidth consuming add-ons and media files and compresses images using lossy compression thereby effectively utilizing the satellite bandwidth. WAN Optimization provides the ability to decrease the transmission times of data that is repetitively transmitted between sites. Data that meets protocol requirements is automatically optimized and cached. This reduces transmission times dramatically which utilizes the available bandwidth much more efficiently without having to pay for more expensive, additional bandwidth.

The FatPipe MPVPN with WAN Optimization and Sat Booster meets or exceeds all the data transmission requirements without the need for additional line provisions. It optimizes site to site and Internet traffic on satellite link and fits into the existing network without impacting the current network.