Server Load Balancing

Server Load Balancing Solution

FatPipe provides a multi-site Server Load Balancing solution through MPVPN products. The MPVPN comes standard with a patented technology, SmartDNS. SmartDNS solves the issue of providing redundant inbound connectivity by advertising DNS on all internet lines. The combination of FatPipe's Site Load Balancing and Server Load Balancing provides high availability, plenty of bandwidth and an overall guaranteed level of service to the customers and their end users.

Server Load Balancing

The Server Load Balancing feature from FatPipe is an affordable solution for customers seeking a way to take advantage of Active/Passive servers by making them available for active availability. Server Load Balancing from FatPipe is easy to implement and enables the customer to start taking advantage of hardware that are already in place.

Fatpipe's Site Load Balancing feature, when added with FatPipe Server Load Balancing, provides a synergetic additional value to the customers and is extremely useful in their disaster recovery plan. With the FatPipe Site Load Balancing feature, customers are able to provide much higher levels of service to their end users in the event of a failure. Before FatPipe, customers would have a lot of work to do in the event of an outage at their Headquarters site. FatPipe's Site Load Balancing enables and to provide seamless failover to the Disaster Recovery site. Again, through Fatpipe's patented SmartDNS technology, along with Site Load Balancing, FatPipe can failover all incoming request to the DR site in the event of a failure at, Head Quarters. This would cause the end users to not even be aware of any failures in the network.

The mirrored servers at the DR site, along with FatPipe's Server Load Balancing, Site Load Balancing, and SmartDNS provides high availability and redundancy to the DR location for the mission critical applications system in case of a catastrophic failure at their Head Quarters.

FatPipe utilizes the whole bandwidth and server resources that are available at various sites and distributes incoming IP traffic between them. FatPipe’s Site Load Balancing combined with FatPipe’s patented smartDNS technology, provides both resiliency and continuity for businesses. It helps keep the enterprise’s services available to their customers all the time while ensuring no down time or zero down time. FatPipe’s Site Load Balancing leaves all the applications up and running regardless of the failures occurred at other sites.

With FatPipe Site Load Balancing, application requests are distributed across both the application deployments in multiple data centers and in the cloud as well, thus increasing the number of available areas from which an application can be delivered. This solution delivers high availability at maximum performance. Generally the application routing decisions are made based on some variables such as response time of the application, its availability at given location, the total capacity of the data center along with its current capacity, the location of the user and time of day.