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MPSec™ VPN Security | Multi-Line Load Balancing & Redundancy | VPN Network Security

VPN Security

Load Balancing and secured VPN traffic

FatPipe MPVPN provides the highest level of VPN Security, fault tolerance, and speed for mission critical VPNs. By integrating MPVPN into their networks, corporations can deploy VPNs anywhere in the world and still get the highest quality of service using local providers.

VPN Security

MPVPN provides additional levels of security due to its patented transmission technique called MPSec. MPSec sends data packets randomly over multiple lines simultaneously, providing up to nine times the security of data transactions

QoS, VPN, Site Load Balancing, WAN Optimization, Server Load Balancing, VPN Site Failover, Super UTM and SATBOOSTER are available as add-ons.