WAN Security

Load Balancing and secured VPN traffic

FatPipe, the creator and multi-patents holder of WAN redundancy and WAN Optimization appliances is proud to provide WAN security through its patented products MPVPN, IPVPN, Symphony and Super UTM. Internet is the largest WAN in existence and its branch connections are protected from threats through the WAN Security.

FatPipe IPVPN is known to be the only product of its kind that works with multiple managed VPN services from multiple providers and private lines to achieve the highest level of wide area network security for interoffice data transmissions.

FatPipe’s MPVPN features MPSec (Multi-Path Security) technology, that which provides more security of data transmission over data connections significantly. With its patented data transmission technique MPSec, the MPVPN provides additional levels of security where the Security of information flow is increased up to nine times.

Each encrypted data stream is broken down to the packet level prior to send over multiple connections by the MPSec technology and then reassembled at the receiving end. This technique of MPSec keeps away the intruders from trapping the valuable data and encrypting it. MPSec technology not only enhances the level of WAN security but also ensures that not a single path failure can cause the session to fail which is an added advantage to a company using FatPipe MPSec.

WAN security is enhanced further through MPSec by creating multiple data path ways that are independent, between two or more nodes or locations achieving full bandwidth utilization and improving redundancy of the data transmission. The traffic is directed out multiple lines so that even if one line fails the data flow can be continued through other available lines allowing uninterrupted communication. This concept conveys that the enterprises must have an MPVPN at each location to get the whole advantage of this feature. MPSec also incorporates the security features of IPsec which is an end-to-end security that protects all application traffic over an IP network and the applications can be automatically secured by IPsec at the IP layer.

The data is transmitted over multiple paths and multiple ISPs for achieving optimized redundancy by using 3DES or AES encryption. Following this process MPSec makes it virtually impossible for the hackers to trap the data flow and decrypt information in a proper or correct sequence. This is a feature patented and offered in products by Fatpipe Networks Inc. in their MPVPN, IPVPN, Super UTM and Symphony (SD-WAN) devices.

Application flows are managed and load balanced across the multiple paths in between the data center and the remote site allowing granular control to the network managers over how the flows are load balanced through the use of FatPipe’s Symphony device incorporating the MPSec features.

FatPipe Super UTM is a far-reaching device providing network security and also Internet/WAN redundancy. It is a network gateway device that consolidates key security services, such as Firewall, VPN, Web/URL filtering, content filter, Intrusion Prevention services and Intrusion Detection Services (IDS-IPS). In addition to securing the network, it also manages network usage.

Advantages of WAN Security:

  • Increased network performance
  • Enhanced network reliability
  • Fortified network security