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Software-Defined Networking for Hybrid Multi-line Wide Area Networks with High Security

FatPipe®, the inventor and multiple patents holder of software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), reliability, security, and WAN Optimization products, specializes in providing solutions that transcend Wide Area Network (WAN) failures to maintain business continuity for thousands of customers including numerous Fortune 1000 customers over the last 12 years, and has the largest installed base of customers in software-defined network WANs.

One of the leading and most respected market research firms recently stated that "FatPipe offers one of the market's most advanced WAN path controllers and companies should consider FatPipe for WAN Optimization when it is beneficial to combine basic WAN optimization features with good WAN path selection control capabilities."

It listed FatPipe's strengths as:

  • FatPipe is one of the leading vendors for WAN link load balancing and has very good WAN path control capabilities
  • FatPipe supports comprehensive application identification, classification and control capabilities
  • FatPipe offers detailed network visibility and reporting capabilities
  • The FatPipe solution is relatively easy to operate, as all functions are integrated onto one platform, and managed with a single high level user interface
  • FatPipe has a good range of commonly used WAN optimization features, including substantial storage for caching

Customer/Partner Comments

- Kevin C.

FatPipe support in the US is outstanding, ranked higher than Cisco, Barracuda, Proofpoint, Trend, Symantec, WebSense and many others in my opinion. I make this statement based on my experience over the last 20 years with all of these companies and their support staff.

- Jeff L.

FatPipe has good trouble shooting tools used by support.

- Glenn V.

The support was very attentive. It thought us how to diagnose the problem and how to execute the solution.

- Nick G.

The support team is incredibly knowledgeable, nice and helpful. I like that there are familiar voices when I call, who have been with FatPipe in support for years.

- Larry W.

The upgrade was quick, support person was knowledgeable. My problem was solved and can't ask for any more than that! :)

- Alan D, President

FatPipe technology has played a crucial role in keeping our VPN with clients up and running, ensuring delivery of IP traffic despite failures to the WAN. FatPipe MPVPN has become a critical and central component in our network.

- Chief Technology Officer

FatPipe's robust QoS allowed us to move to a more competitively priced circuit with much higher bandwidth at no additional cost over what we were spending on MPLS circuits.

- Manager, Computer Technology

I highly recommend FatPipe MPVPN™ to any organization that has mission critical needs to maintain communications across the Internet.

-Larry M., Information Technology Manager

FatPipe's team of professionals undoubtedly is a superb complement to its excellent networking device products. I cannot say enough good things regarding the products and the support. I received from FatPipe.

Software-Defined WAN

Simplify deployment and management of connectivity at remote sites. FatPipe Orchestrator™ easily controls and manages your WAN...

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Hybrid Multi-Line WAN

Combine MPLS, broadband or wireless to provide an agile, responsive, and cost effective wide area network. 

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Outsource management of your multipath wide area network through FatPipe's network of managed service providers.

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  • INC 500
  • Deloitte Technology Fast 500
  • Si 100 2010
  • INC 500 2004
  • IQ 2008 Awards

Router Clustering

FatPipe Networks multi-patented router-clustering technology supports Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructures by providing the highest levels of redundancy, reliability, speed, dynamic load balancing, and additional security of IP traffic over any type of WAN.

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Bandwidth Management

FatPipe Networks can further enhance your Wide Area Network with its optimization products, FatPipe Quality of Service (QoS) and FatPipe Kompressor. Each are sold separately as networking devices or can be enabled from FatPipe router-clustering products that support.

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FatPipe Networks specializes in providing reliability for all types of wide area networks. Its router-clustering products provide intelligent and dynamic redundancy and high-availability for data transmission over private and/or public networks.

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FatPipe Networks has a suite of standard and add-on features that help you secure data transmission over Wide Area Networks. Standard features include Policy Routing tools that give you the ability to allow or deny traffic using policy rules, and FatPipe MultiPath Security (MPSec),

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