Software Defined Networking for Hybrid Multi-line Wide Area Networks, with High Security for Transmissions

FatPipe Networks™, the inventor and multiple patents holder of Wide Area Network (WAN) redundancy, security, and WAN Optimization products, specializes in providing solutions that transcend Internet and other Wide Area Network (WAN) failures to maintain business continuity.

Gartner recently recommended that "FatPipe offers one of the market's most advanced WAN path controllers' and companies should consider FatPipe for WAN optimization when it is beneficial to combine basic WAN optimization features with good WAN path selection control capabilities. " It listed FatPipe's strengths as:

  • FatPipe is one of the leading vendors for WAN link load balancing and has very good WAN path control capabilities
  • FatPipe supports comprehensive application identification, classification and control capabilities
  • FatPipe offers detailed network visibility and reporting capabilities
  • The FatPipe solution is relatively easy to operate, as all functions are integrated onto one platform, and managed with a single high level user interface
  • FatPipe has a good range of commonly used WAN optimization features, including substantial storage for caching

FatPipe is a pioneer in software defined networks for wide area connectivity, having developed patented products for software defined WANs over the last 10 years. FatPipe Networks invented the concept of using software to manage routers of any kind for routing data over wide area networks for corporate to branch office connectivity for reliable, redundant and application delivery management without BGP programming, or a box at the ISP. This enables a customer to deploy a self managed, self healing wide area network in any part of the world in about an hour per location, increasing network reliability of up to 99.999988%.

FatPipe MPSec, a patented technology, distributes data across multiple paths between two or more sites in a random order. MPSec, layers additional transmission security on to intra-corporate communications. Someone looking to capture data packets and copying intra-corporate communications off a wide area network will not receive all data packets and hence not receive complete information. In addition, with WAN optimization and de-duplication technology, the data transmitted over a network is minimized, and more difficult to decipher, making it the most secure transmission technology in the market. Encryption can be enabled or disabled per path if an outside device, such as a router, is also providing encryption. MPSec is available on the FatPipe® MPVPN® and the FatPipe® IPVPN products. Companies that need high security VOIP and email transmission can avail of certain proprietary features of FatPipe. FatPipe high security transmission features are used by embassies and corporations which require a high level of transmission security.

The most defining aspect of FatPipe technology is the seamless failover of sessions, whether it is VPN, VOIP, video or data from one line to another without dropping the sessions. When all the lines are available, then the data is load balanced and sent over multiple lines.

Customer Comments

FatPipe provides a unique advantage for customers that want control over their DNS. We now have total control of our DNS from request to resolution using SmartDNS. The response time is better, and it's quicker to issue out new public addresses when needed,

- Systems Engineering.

FatPipe's robust QoS allowed us to move to a more competitively priced circuit with much higher bandwidthat no additional cost over what we were spending on MPLS circuits

- Chief Technology Officer.

I highly recommend FatPipe MPVPN®'s to any organization that has mission critical needs to maintain communications across the Internet.

- Manager, Computer Technology.

This device is amazing. How do you do that? It's like Voo Doo!

- IT Director.

The whole call was a great experience in how to handle support calls. Both technicians I dealt with werevery helpful. I don't think this experience could be improved upon.

- Director of Information Technology.

Responsiveness from support is excellent. All my concerns were resolved in a timely manner.

- Systems Administrator.

I was very happy to receive the response so quickly to my inquiry so that I could pass along the answers to my managers. Timeliness of the response was a great positive.

- Information Technology Manager.

FatPipe's Support team was very knowledgeable and friendly. They were able to quickly answer questions and assist with the issues I was having. As usual, I had a very positive experience with a very knowledgeable support staff. I wish all support calls went this well.

- Information Technology Manager.

FatPipe Support gives instant attention to any issue. They are patient in explaining and answering any of my questions. FatPipe support has helped my growth in not only my understanding of the product, but in the arena of advanced networking and routing as well

Systems Administrator.

We have all 6 MPVPN® FatPipe locations up and running with full failover working. It is a wonderful thing! If youever need a reference, you won't find a more excited and totally convinced customer.

I am also very impressed with your support. Whenever we have a potential issue, support looks at the logs and has an answer within 24 hours. With many companies, you are lucky if you have answer within 24 days.

Just so you know, because of FatPipe, we have been able to increase our inter-office bandwidth 10 fold while maintaining QOS for our phones and database applications at no additional monthly cost in telecommunication charges. We could do this by replacing traditional expensive T1 MPLS circuits with 100Mbps layer3 fiber. The payback on the FatPipes is less than 12 months if you factor what we would have had to pay to increase bandwidth on the MPLS circuit!

- R.R., CIO.

We certainly have a lot of good things to say about FatPipe, which is why we have chosen to invest so heavily in the product. FatPipe is one of those devices that you wish for with fellow engineers and then find out it already exists. It is simple to configure, install and manage, but yet powerful and flawless in the service it delivers. With FatPipe, product quality doesn't end in the box; FatPipe Networks provides an excellent level of support that is unparalleled in our industry today. When you think of Dual WAN Load Balancing, think of FatPipe... It is really a delight to be a FatPipe customer.

- T.P., Manager of Information Technology.

It is critical for our customers to have a stable and reliable connection to us via the Internet. FatPipe XTREME provides a no-fail, redundant and reliable solution for our e-commerce services.

- C.B., MIS Manager.

The FatPipe MPVPN® greatly alleviated this issue by enabling the remote production facilities to utilize multiple ISP connections and enabling automatic failover when service was interrupted with one of the WAN links. This product has truly saved the SanDisk millions of dollars simply by being able to keep our production facilities constantly connected to the US offices.

- G.S., Director Of Asia Operations

FatPipe (MPVPN®) passed the real test. Our financial client would endure significant financial losses if it could not trade over the Internet due to a failure in its WAN. FatPipe's SmartDNS and RAIL has played a crucial role in keeping our VPN with clients up and running, ensuring delivery of IP traffic despite failures on the network. The MPVPN® technology has become a critical component in our network.

- A. D. W., President

I would estimate that 75% of all support calls were due to ISP related issues. With the implementation of the FatPipe MPVPN®, these calls have been virtually eliminated and this most definitely impacts SanDisk's bottom line.

- S.H., Network Operations

FatPipe is by far the best product we used: it's easy to use, has all the special features we need (failover only, using both, WAN load balancer, VPN) and it actually does all things it's supposed to.

- T.G., IT Department

The FatPipe is working great & I'm OK with the Dual WAN load balancing. You can count us as an extremely happy customer.

- D.I., Director of I.T. Operations & Support

I highly recommend FatPipe MPVPN®'s to any organization that has mission critical needs to maintain communications across the Internet.

- B.S., Manager

We've had a great experience so far with or Warp appliance.

- F.V., HIPAA Compliance Officer

In the past, when one of our primary ISPs went down, we had a variety of problems, the worst being a complete loss of Internet connectivity, the least being the loss of incoming e-mail. We realized that as we start offering more content outside of our (local area) network, we had to have some kind of automatic failover. Only FatPipe offered a solution that is easy to implement and does not require using the same ISP. FatPipe XTREME fits into Mercy's planned redundancy as we rely more on technology. We also use it to provide WAN load balancing and to achieve greater throughput for out going traffic as well as alternate paths for incoming traffic.

- M.D.C., MIS Director

Reseller Comments

Using FatPipe has resulted in a significant increase in productivity and business continuity

-Paul Erickson, IT Director

FatPipe's team of professionals undoubtedly is a superb compliment to its excellent networking device products. I cannot say enough good things regarding the products and the support. I received from FatPipe.

-Larry M. McConnell, information Technology Manager

It is critical for or customer to have a stable and reliable connection to us via the internet. FatPipe provides a no-fail, redundant and reliable solution for our e-commerce.

-Cody Becker, MIS Manager

I think FatPipe is the only company that we deal with that actually connects customers to a very knowledgeable support staff the first time... this is very good thing and unfortunately becoming a rarity. Awesome job, guys!

-Sheldon Wolf, MCP, Sr. Network Administrator

MPVPN has been flawless for us; we have not had any WAN downtime since the product has been installed. In addition, the Technical Support staff is terific.

-Brandon Green, IS Manager

The equipment is perfect for seamlessly integrating in to our network to handle our growth.

-Matthew Stevenson, MIS Manager

Dealing with FatPipe has been to say the least, "a pleasurable experience". All the way from the the quick turnarounds for products, sales and technical staff. I wanted to make a point that all of this was possible because of the great staff your company has organized itself with. The superior professionalism, dedication, responsiveness and understanding your staff comes with is priceless and reflects upon the greatness that you company holds not only in product, but in customer services, sales and technical support. Working with each one of these employees of FatPipe has made a big difference in how our company focuses on selling FatPipe and further relationships pertaining to our successful year going forward together. In short, just wanted to say thanks, and I am sure that we will have a successful year the way your staff has treated our business and my clients. Simply put in one word, "OUTSTANDING".

R.E., Sr. Network Engineer

We're not just a reseller of FatPipe XTREME, we're also a client! We use XTREME in our shop for redundancy and speed of our Internet connection. We think one of FatPipe XTREME's coolest features is the ability to combine the speed of inexpensive lines, which helps our customers save money.

- T.O., Senior Vice President

We look for products that provide a complete solution for our customers, and XTREME is one of those products. What differentiates XTREME from anything like it is that it is easy to install, with no further programming, and it is flexible, as you can aggregate any combination of T1s, DSL, and/or ISDN lines. We think these features are very attractive and cost effective for our customers.

- F.T., Senior Vice President

In an over populated and cramped market place, we welcome selling a niche product like FatPipe XTREME. Its unique positioning in the market gives us a distinct selling advantage. The fact is, it is the only product of its kind that provides unquestionable reliability, redundancy, and speed for WAN/Internet connections for businesses. Selling it gives us the opportunity to give a real solution to our customers who have become more dependent on web based applications to conduct business.

- T. K., Director National Sales

FatPipe is by far the best product we used: it's easy to use, has all the special features we need (failover only, using both, WAN load balancer, VPN) and it actually does all things it's supposed to.

- Tom G

FatPipe technology has played a crucial role in keeping our VPN with clients up and running, ensuring delivery of IP traffic despite failures to the WAN. FatPipe MPVPN has become critical and central component in our network.

- Alan D, President

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